Faces - Time Lapse VR Painting with Original Music

New Art and New Music :D

I'm having fun with Painting VR! There is something really neat about being able to paint a room size canvas! Fun fact about this program: There is no undo feature! So when I want to change something I have to paint over

Faces (2).png

This piece has been minted on NFTshowroom https://nftshowroom.com/junkfeathers/gallery/junkfeathers_vr-art_faces

Also, I recorded new music for the time lapse! I'm playing my Ibanez hollow body with various effects and experimented with 3 panned guitar tracks. Played the bass and drums on my midi. I use Reaper as my DAW.

I uploaded the tune to Audius

though i have a suspicion this song isn't finished yet...

Thanks for checking out my post!

youtube if 3speak isn't working:

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