Experiments yeild results

Hello Hello all.

I would like to share some recent work I've created, which came about as literally the result of experimentation or doodling.
For some background.
I work primarily on my phone; an OPPO A91 or a Samsung tablet. I like to think my work is of a decent standard.
The following images were made a few days ago. I was messing around with the 3D effects in the venerable Glitchlab..


I get this effect by tweaking various parameters in the Height Map 3D effect. I got this beautiful spiral structure by first opening up this image in Height Map 3D:

Then, I put the colour setting up to 100. This makes the picture monochrome (weirdly enough)


The it's time to play. First, you can change the Depth Map of the image. The picture is of a spiral, but you can give it a depth map for something else:
Glitchlab (along with its two companion apps Mirrorlab and Chromalab) enables you to bookmark images. This essentially quick saves a quick and dirty library of images:

I'll choose this blue ghostly skull.
Now, by altering the colour, the skull takes on the texture of the spiral..

Furthermore, playing with ambient and source light gives further texture to the image:

Using this blending technique, you can make some pretty intricate work!




I hope you've enjoyed this little peek inside my process. Please upvote, tip or otherwise support the post! Hive is a fantastic hub for bloggers, artists and creatives everywhere, and we can all make it grow together by doing what we do naturally: sharing and enjoying each other's work!


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