Alien Art Hive / Community updates and rules


Hello fellow Aliens, this is @juliakponsford coming at you with a transmission from the Alien hivemind!

It's been a while since there has been an update, not too much has changed in terms of the rules but the community has grown nicely since the last post and I have a few updates so let's get to it!

What is Alien Art Hive about?

Alien Art Hive was created to be a fun, low pressure community for artists/musicians to share their crazy creations and possibly collaborate!

You can subscribe and view the current posts here: trending/hive-158694

Accepted content

Content doesn't need to be directly about ALIENS, this community is a place for people to post art and music that is other-worldy, inter-dimensional, unusual or strangely beautiful! We are accepting of many different types of art but if you do not loosely fit into one of the categories below we will kindly direct you to more appropriate art communities!

Genres that fit:
alien stuff (of course)
cryptoart / NFT
psychedelic style art
visionary art
spiritual or occult/esoteric
space themed
outsider art
strange and bizarre themes or styles

Music, writing and poetry are also welcome if they fall into these categories.

Feel free to post any creative medium or style you can dream of. The only firm criteria that will be enforced is that the content must be original art made by you. I am a strong supporter of artistic freedom and I see nothing wrong with taking inspiration from other artists or remixing to create something entirely new. If however the art is not made from scratch it's good etiquette to cite your sources so people can understand exactly what they are curating.

OCD Communities Incubation Program / Looking for a new Curator

Alien Art Hive has been part of the OCD community incubation program since May 2020! This has really helped our little community grow and reward tons of amazing artists! At the time of this post we have 1387 subscribers!

I (@juliakponsford) have been submitting the posts for curation since it's inception but I would love to give this position to a community member! If you are interested please contact me through discord.


  • You will need to use discord as that is where the posts are submitted
  • Ideally an active community member who is an artist and posts here regularly
  • Willing to make a post a week in the community (details tbd)


So far we have been pretty blessed and the need for moderation has been minimal. I have only had to mute around 5 users/posts that were spam and completely unrelated to art / plagiarism.


If you have any questions or just want to say hello feel free to pop into the Alien Art Hive discord! It's also integrated on peakd so you can say hello right from your browser.

I have set up some automation so everything that is posted to the community gets brought into the alien-art-alerts channel! It also gets tweeted, you can follow the account here and support by retweeting!

NFT Showroom and Alien Art Hive!

As most of you may know, we launched our own NFT Art platform here on Hive called NFT Showroom! I would love for this community to be a hub for NFT related activities so as you may have noticed I added NFT / cryptoart / metaverse to the accepted content!

If you haven't visited the site yet check it out here:

Follow the account and check the pinned post for more info: @nftshowroom

That's about it for now, keep being creative!

If you want to join us and don't have a HIVE account get one here:


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