Swimming my life away (2021)

Swimming my life away

Collection: Collages

NFT available on @nftshowroom

Coming back to the fountain...

Swimming my life away is the journey that starts after the point of no return. When there's no more attachments, one is purged and smoothly coming back home.

The 2nd piece of Collages, a collection on my experimentation with the collage as a way of expression.

This piece was created on Photoshop using free stock photos from Pexels. The initial concept I had in mind for this wasn't at all what I ended up showed in this piece, but I enjoyed the process and realized things about it; the experimentation that comes with it is really nice for both artistic and personal growth as I was told. I hope at least some of you get to see some of my realizations...

Want to collect?

2 of 2 editions of Swimming my life away are now available on my gallery on NFT Showroom.

I've decided to start experimenting with digital art and especially collages, please feel free to tell me what are your thoughts on this piece!

Thanks for stopping by! :)

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