WhyLibertarian Name Change & Show Changes

Writing a quick post to get folks up to speed. I will be making a name change on a number of platforms. I will also be shelving the #WhyLibertarian broadcasts and replacing that show with 2 new ventures.

You can watch the full narrative here or read on:

(Unsupported https://3speak.tv/embed?v=whylibertarian/otepzcfp)

NAME CHANGE (Matt_Archy):

I've been on a journey over the past 12 months. It started with COVID and the political actions that surrounded the pandemic. I took a deep look at my political and general life viewpoints. It turns out, I'm not a big L Libertarian or even a small l libertarian. I'm not a minarchist or pragmatist. I am an anarchist. Political action is secondary to building culture and decentralizing how your live on a daily basis away from centralized authority structures.

As such, I am going to be changing my name to something that is more befitting of this viewpoint and reflects me, not the show/s I'm working on. My personal accounts moving forward will be under matt_archy.


In line with the evolutions of my political viewpoints, I will be scuttling #WhyLibertarian. The channels/videos will remain on web2.0 and obviously web3.0 for posterity and perhaps to show others what my journey looked like if they are on a similar path.

Liberty Mash

A once weekly, 1-hour mashup of clips from Liberty-based podcasts and vlogs. The idea being it will allow folks to expose themselves to a greater range of content without having to dedicate hours each week. It will also help the content creators themselves to gain exposure to a broader audience. The shows highlighted will not be the big ones at present. They will be shows on the up-and-coming path.


In line with my anarchist existence, I will be building a new channel focusing on methods and actual people that are living outside of centralized systems of authority. The Ungovernable. This show will be a once-weekly, long-form livecast with guests. I will make sure to disseminate clips of the programs to make the individual topics easier to digest and consume. My goal is to eventually build an audience and share the final hour of content only on decentralized platforms. There may even be a membership option in the future but that will depend on the direction of the show.

Sneak peek at the artwork

Ungovernable Logo.PNG

Ungovernable Banner.PNG

This is an incredibly exciting time for me and I'm looking forward to these 2 new adventures!!!! I am also looking forward to y'all joining me on the trip!!!!

**I will have dedicated channels for these on web2.0 (YouTube and Facebook). I will share them as content on my personal #HIVE account on @threespeak and @vimm. The #WhyLibertarian channel on Odysee will remain and I will look to re-establish 2 new channels to connect to the dedicated YouTube channels for the new shows.