They Don't Fit


I’m incredibly lucky for what happened to me. Im lucky to have the breakup that I did. And the healing that i went through. I also have a bit of an irregular story of how I started to feel better.

I think normally people heal from breakups through time. My case was different.
You see, I believe in soulmates. Always believed in them. Always believed that there would be a spark, and me and another person will somehow align immediately.

And i thought that i felt that spark when i met my ex. That’s why i followed through. That’s why i thought we had to be together, disregarding the challenges and hardships. For a long time, i thought he was my person. Even when we broke up, i genuinely took it as a break. I saw that both of us are unfit to be in a relationship. I had to figure myself out, and he needed to as well. But i was sure that once we work on ourselves, we would come back together again.
Until one day...

We were on the phone one night, talking, i honestly don’t remember much of what was being said that night. But one of his responses triggered something in me. Triggered a heavy realisation that he doesn’t see things the same way i do. And that he never did…

That was the moment my pink glasses shattered into microscopic dust. Everything started to join into a beautiful completed puzzle. All the hurdles we needed to overcome, all the situational obstacles, him possibly seeing a completely different version of me. All of it started to align in my head. And from that moment i was free.


Through those thought and feelings that welled up inside me, Green Monster undergone another change. He opened his eye, the eye on his head. He has been trying to open it for some time, through all this journey. But this was the time when it didn't require a struggle to keep it open. This time it was as easy as breathing to us humans. Green Monster was finally free from the ropes and stitches that kept him from seeing the world as it truly existed.

There would be sometime, until i will fully listen to my intuition, receive signs, and learn more about myself, my soul and all kinds of things that are hidden. Eventually i will learn more and believe more in soulmates, understand what karmic relationships are, or that somethings comes into our lives to teach, to give us a lesson.

At that time, i was only starting to taste the freedom.


“It worked well for a while, but now looking back, it never fit, it was never the right piece” - green monster (I guess right at this moment hhe grew from "little green monster" to "green monster")

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