Rest. The New Beginning


Who knew that starting a new chapter, was so hard to explain. The moment I tried writing about that experience, my life made me start anew in a very different meaning. My computer got wiped and I lost all my drafts, so I literally had to start over.

Rest is sentimental artwork, as it symbolises a do-over of the first ever Green Monster piece I have done. It was laid out similarly. A tree, a plushie in the middle. But 5 years later everything is so much different. The flowers are starting to bloom, forests lay beneath, and the monster is monster no longer, he is a monster-plushie. He softened, he grew. I explained all his changes in the previous post, so i will not be repetitive. Instead i will focus the attention on the surroundings.
This time he is in exactly the same place, but his world is different.It changed inside and out. Like in a hero’s journey, the adventure starts in the ordinary world, and ends there. When Eleutherius walked through his first story arc, he came back to his place of origin but with the newfound eyes, which transformed everything around him. It’s brighter now, so much brighter. The world is welcoming and its arms wide open. And El has made a home now. He always thought he would find one somewhere, but this time he decided it’s time to make one instead. High up on the tree, with all his books, his dragonflies and all the magic that is within him.

If I were to add a drop of me, myself there. This was a moment I opened up to my surrounding. It was the time my eyes got opened wide and i was ready to embrace the beauty that was surrounding me this whole time.
The island of Gods finally felt like a home to me, for the first time ever. It finally lived up to its name in my eyes. And i couldn’t be more content about that fact. I stopped striving to change the beach i was on, instead i started building the boat, to travel the ocean in. It was finally the time to make something of my own. To start anew. To begin the next chapter. In a much different state of mind.


“With the new found truth and forgiveness, I found this beautiful peaceful tree to start my journey into the unknown and wonderful.”

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