Non-Fungible Hive Helmets | My Newly Minted NFTs


What's up, Hivers? Hope you're doing well and safe. As for me, I've been keeping myself busy these past few days. After my last post about minting my first NFT, I can't help myself but make more. It just feel so right when I get my creative juices flowing. So for this post, I'll be showing you my newly minted NFTs.

A Little Detour

As I was browsing the Curate app after I successfully submitted my piece, I stumbled upon sellers who have their NFTs sold as part of a series. It was a lightbulb moment! I then proceeded to make my own series by combining two of my old and new interests: motorcycles and the Hive ecosystem.

I've been riding my motorcycle for a little over 8 years now. And I've had my fair share of road mishaps, nothing major though, but it taught me alot about road safety and the advantages of wearing the correct riding gears.

The most recent one was in 2019 when I was on my way home, traveling at 60 kph(not that fast, but not slow enough for my reflexes) and didn't see the car from the opposite lane turning left to a gas station. To avoid collision, I panicked and pressed on the front brakes too hard that my front wheel locked and poof. Koko Krunch. Although I did not hit the car, I fell too hard and skidded away from my motorcycle face down on the ground. Good thing I had my full-face helmet on as it absorbed the crash that would have made my face bloody and bruised. Or worse, my untimely demise. Since then, I always make sure to wear my helmet properly and drive slower than I used to.

I always wanted to modify my helmet as it was heavily scratched due to the crash. But I never had the time and also it made sense to just buy a new one. Anyways, sketching my design for my modification paved the way for...

The Helmet Series

I've been a Hiver for almost a month now(since my intro post), and so far the experience is very pleasant. I also have been acquainted to a lot of apps in the Hive ecosystem. And it became my main inspiration for the first few pieces of my series.


My pencil on paper sketch before importing it on Autodesk Sketchbook


Helmet 001 - Hive inspired(not yet available on Curate)


On Sale For 10XCUR(~$24) ONLY!
Helmet 002 - @peakd inspired


On Sale For 10XCUR(~$24) ONLY!
Helmet 003 - @ecency inspired


On Sale For 10XCUR(~$24) ONLY!
Helmet 004 - @splinterlands inspired

Unfortunately, Curate only accepts 3 submissions from a series at a time. One was denied(Helmet 001) and it was the first piece that I submitted. Although it can be resubmitted if one of the other 3 is sold. So if you feel like owning one of these, visit my Curate page here and purchase one so I can finally upload my Hive inspired helmet design.


My Curate Profile Page

Ecency Art Contest

Though I made one that incorporated the Ecency logo, it is not an official entry to #artecency yet. For those interested, you can read the mechanics here. And watch out for my entries as I'll be joining the animation and the illustration category. I told you I like joining contests. Haha

That's all for today, and thank you so much for your time reading this. Today's emoji comment is ⛑️

See you on my next post!


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