My entry for the Elemental Truth Art Contest

Hello onchainers, I decided to participate in the Hive contest sponsored by @elamental. Here’s my entry and my rendition of the fire element and fire goddess.

She is Nuri. The goddess of fire and light. She is one of the kindest person in hell and always a deep sadness lingers in her eyes to see what things people do and the punishments they receive due to it. She treats everyone with kindness without any bias, but she has to do her duty too.

I uploaded the image in jpeg as png was more than 25MB and was not uploading. This is a 3600px by 3600px image with 300dpi. Done in Procreate.

This is my style, slightly different than @elamental’s preferred style but still hope he likes it.


Process is the same, sketch, base colours. Then add shadows and highlights with some textures. Then finally the background.




Hope you guys like it.

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