3D Sacred Geometry Hive Sign

I have this idea for cool sign with the hive logo. The logo has hexagonal shape so it fit perfectly in the center of a Matatron's Cube Symbol

1 Sacred Hive Front View.jpg
Front View

2Sacred Hive Angle.jpg
Angle View

3 Sacred Closeup.jpg

How Is made

The design is made from 7 different layers

First I designed the vector shapes in Adobe Illustrator

4 Illustrator.jpg

You can see the outlines

5 Illustrator.jpg

Then I exported the design as SVG file and I imported in Blender
From Object Data Properties I extruded the shapes and then I converted them to mesh

6 blender 1.jpg

7 blender 2.jpg

You can see all the 7 Layers here
8 blender 3.jpg
I exported the design again, then I open it in Maverick Render to get the final scene

9 Maverick.jpg

I took a photo a month ago with a table and I used that as backplate for design and used MDF materials.

I tried to simulate how it will look in real life. This kind of design can be cut on layers from MDF, Plywood and other materials using a laser machine, then all the layers are stacked and glued together

Here is how the render look like with a photo as backplate

10 HiveRenderBackplate.jpg

What do you think about the design? the renders?
Have a great weekend 😊

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