Portrait, oil painting

You know what? Painting is my greatest love. Admittedly, and the only one I know, because haven’t tried myself in some other things. I have loved doing this since I was six years old when my mom crossed out pictures from books because I didn’t want to draw otherwise. I never drew looking at a picture other than hers, so I liked to spend time drawing with her, and she also paid a lot of attention to me, I guess that's why I fell in love with drawing.
I had no desire to go to drawing classes because my mom was a role model, I thought didn't need anyone else. Later, when I grew up, I thought that would not be able to live from drawing, so still studied for something else that interested me. But again, a couple of years later, I returned to my greatest love and today enjoy drawing. It fills me, affects my mood and heals all my bad days.
Of all the techniques, I like to do oil on canvas the most. I like that can apply a thick layer of paint and that it dries slowly because I have time to redo everything don't like. The situation is different with acrylic paints, I use them only for some smaller surfaces because they dry quickly and that doesn't suit me.
So this painting was also done with oil paints. A painting of a brother and sister made on canvas and finally, for an even more beautiful look, framed. Hope you like it. 😊







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