Power of Truth Album Art Contest - 500 Hive Prize

Prize and Timeline - Updated

The winning entry in this contest will be featured as the cover art for my upcoming LP album: Power of Truth, and the winning artist will receive 500 Hive (the divvy of the rest of the additional prize pool is still being discussed - currently at least 500 HBSI and 500 DEC). This contest will now be active until at least 15 different artists have entered, or until October 15th 2021. I will also be using ALL the entries from this contest for comic book style album-art book - additional prizes are available to those artists (check contest update post 1 and update post 2 for more details after reviewing this post).

About the Album


As far as the content within the album - I think the name says it all. It's all about Truth and how to see through the vail of deception. The genre is Hip Hop, and our version of that is sometimes called "Conscious Hip Hop" or "Truth-Hop". I prefer the acronym, H.I.P H.O.P. - Higher Infinite Power Healing Our People.
The instrumentals featured are made by producers from all over the world, and I personally mixed 80% of the songs in my new studio space. There are also several artists from multiple states in the U.S. collaborating with me on various tracks. This album is the culmination of years of work, sacrifice, and audio production/engineering education.

Preferred Art Style

Image Source

I am looking for an epic masterpiece to represent this album and (by extension) myself. I am a huge fan of comic book and anime style art, as well as art styles from Magic the Gathering CCG, so I would prefer the art entered in this contest fit in one or all of these categories.

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I am not going to put restrictions or ideas in your head about what I want the album art to be other that what I have already mentioned... just represent an elemental (whatever your vision of that may be) or a Djinn, and the Power of Truth... also elemental forces (i.e. fire, wind, water, earth, love, spirit) should probably be considered... especially since ELAmental Forces is actually the name of one of the songs on this album, and that particular song is being made into a music video that is already recorded, and will release in about a month or two along with the album.
Imagery of music notes, microphones, and/or scratching vinyl turntables could be cool if included subtly... but its all up to you what you think should be included. A born-of-nature Truth-Hop Elemental?? A Cannabis Elemental?? A vast fantasy woodland landscape with an energy mire?? Fractaled-out imagery of divine-etheric wisdom?? A painting, a drawing, an app assisted approach... I am honestly into anything awesome, so don't necessarily conform to my brainstorming - be free my friends. 🙏

A piece I picked up from Rose City Comic Con - There is an Avatar Airbender reference in this album as well

For the comic, also feel free to draw another part of this story that you feel out intuitively. It doesn't necessarily have to be a depiction of an elemental. Keeping a very open mind for this.
This collaborative-contest/project has been redesigned with intention of open intuition from the artists. Please help tell my story without actually knowing it... instead, FEEL it... empathically and telepathically. You all have these abilities even if you are not currently aware of them. Use this project as a means to discover that which has not been revealed about your own true power within. I believe in you.

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#onchainart community

I am thoroughly impressed with what I see and have seen for quite some time in this community art-wise, as well as in the splinterlands contests I have been seeing. Everything from hand-drawn to digital drawings to hybrids, I like everything I have seen, and it is all welcome here... as long as it is stellar and epic.

Splinterlands artists are very welcome here also.




Share (Re-Hive) this entry post (and/or update post 1 / update post 2- optional, but please at least read it). Place your art image for entry in the comments of this post. Make sure your image is high enough quality to be used for professional publication or even other mediums (if possible).

OPTIONAL - You can also create your own post about your entry and include the link to it in the comments here along with your entry image for further promotion of your art.

Good luck and providence to all artists. Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for all your hard work and effort. Symbiosis in full effect.


Enchanted blessings - with love, truth, respect, & honor - @ELAmental.




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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


Click here to hear my single: Shift the Focus on Soundcloud from my upcoming album: Power of Truth

(Link to new album title claim)

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