ALBUM ART CONTEST-PROJECT UPDATE - Requesting Previous Works - Custom Request Apart from Contest for 100 Hive + 600 SPS Additional Prize!!


I can only end this contest/collaborative project after at least 15 different artist enter. After another week of submission, we now have 8 artists entered (thank you especially to those that submitted multiple designs). Since the entry rate is kind of sluggish, I have made a couple decisions to hopefully speed things up.

Preferred Ratio-Size of Art: 6 x 9 - the book size

(But I can work with any proportions)

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Submit your previous/appropriate work

If you are an artist that has not yet entered this contest and feel you do not have the time to craft something new, I am open to considering previous works that are already completed, provided I feel they fit the prompt enough to work, or align intuitively with a concept from one of the songs on the album.
I will be browsing some Hive artists' portfolios, and reaching out to certain folks if I find something already crafted that I would love to include in the album book. If you are reading this and have something you created in mind for this project/contest that you would like me to review for appropriateness, please feel free to shoot me a DM on Discord, or drop the image/link in the comment thread of this update post, instead of the official contest entry thread.

Submit Your Entry HERE

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Still-Growing Prize-Pool

  • 1st Place - 500 HIVE

  • Participation Prize Pool - 500 HBSI Shares, 500 Dark Energy Crystals (DEC - Splinterlands)
  • + Newly Added 600 SPS (Splintershards) courtesy of @kennyskitchen & @flauwy
I will be giving original creations recently crafted specifically for this contest an advantage on achieving the album cover/1st place prize rewards, over those that choose to enter past works. This however should not stop you from entering, as you will still receive participation rewards, and have your art included in my physical album art book to promote you as an artist forever...

More Info
Album Book Example

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Prompt for ONE Artist ONLY

There is one song on the album I am realizing I need to mention specifically to achieve an appropriate art piece for, but I would like artists to consult me before crafting it - willing to throw an extra 100 Hive for this custom order. I will choose which artist will do this after a few contact me for consideration (comment below).
The song I need a custom artwork for is called No Consent. I have not published the final version yet, I did however publish a very rough & completely unmixed Hive-exclusive version a while back which you can listen to by clicking here (skip to 45 seconds-in on the video - the new version I am releasing sounds MUCH better than this dry version). All the lyrics and basic framework for the song are present. This song is the most anti-establishment song I have ever crafted, originally written in support for civil rights protests in Portland, Oregon in 2020... although now the song has even more significance to even more recent events. The intended message remains the same none-the-less.

separador nuevo - FULL BAND.png

I am hoping to wrap this contest up soon, but I do realize that more needs to happen first. To those of you that have already entered stellar works, thank you for your patience and understanding - as you all well know, great ideas take time, hard-work, and sacrifice to manifest... I promise the end results will be worth the wait.

Below are all the official entries so far:
(in no particular order)

Publication Link

@malay11-combo.jpgPublication Link

Publication Link

Publication Link

Publication Link

Publication Link

Publication Link

Publication Link

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Album Art Collab Contest Rules and Entry Thread - Enter Here


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Stay tuned - into the right frequencies


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