10,000 NFTs sold on NFT Showroom contest! tokenized art: the widow

Hi! I want to share you the nft I've made for @nftshowroom
this platform on hive is celebrating a contest for the 10 000 art nfts sold.


the illustration was done using adobe illustrator vectors. I always draw just using the mouse :)
for the animation, I use after effects. I separate all the objects in different layers, and then I animate it.

viuda_00017 - copia.jpg

this art is inspired by a south american myth about a strange ghost that terrify lonely riders.

"The Widow is a ghost in the shape of a woman with a long black dress. It is the suffering soul of a witch, turned into this creepy figure after her beloved one died, and, getting mad by the anger, she made a pact with the devil. The widows appear in front of lonely riders in the middle of the wastelands, and can cast the horses mad and drive them to dangerous cliffs."

here you can see a preview of the animation in gif format:


you can look for the HD version here on nftshowroom:

thank you!


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