Authentika is now ready for action !


The Hive blockchain is an extraordinary breeding ground for all budding artists ! The @authentika team, having a rather pronounced artistic fiber, has thus mobilized to offer a specialized tool proposing to generate a certificate of authenticity for each work of art. It is therefore only up to illustrators, musicians, performers and writers to use it and thus protect their works in the eyes of the law. The approach is quite simple to use and requires no particular knowledge. We therefore invite you to use it if you feel the need !

Authentika : Immortalizes your creations !

How to use Authentika with Jeanine the hen !

But beyond offering a dedicated platform, it is our duty to be active and to realize services and content centered around art. It is above all a question of visibility but also in a concern to interact with the artists here present. On this subject, we have taken some resolutions which we hope will allow us to make the use of @authentika more attractive.

How are we going to proceed ?

Of course, the creation of content covering the artistic world on Hive seems obvious to us. These different articles will shed light on different authors that we consider original and particularly interesting. Nevertheless, we would like to propose sections that will focus on aspects that are not necessarily specific to what is happening on the blockchain. We will therefore propose more diverse and varied subjects but always centered around art. In short, we will prepare to create a dedicated webzine. On this subject, we are thinking of making this initiative participative. We will come back to this in a future article.

In order to encourage as many people as possible to use @authentika, we will probably set up a fanbase system that will reward each artist making the effort to authenticate their works. To achieve this, a delegation from @laruche to @authentika's account will take place on a regular basis, depending on the means available. However, we are waiting for some form of activity to begin. We will keep you informed of progress at the appropriate time.

This new operating policy is in line with the desire to see Hive as an essential showcase from an artistic point of view. Of course, @authentika is a long term project, requiring a little funding to maintain the project and develop it to good effect. We therefore hope that these ideas will allow us to continue to offer you more and more services.

@authentika was created by three people who love art in all its forms: @bambukah, @ixindamix and @philodendron.

Hive On !

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