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Hello #hive @onchainart , Its been a while since my last post, Was feeling a bit down and with constant lockdowns here its just kills your mood and creativity so I didn't feel like creating or posting anything.

But today I have changed my mind, I wanted to create something a bit personal and similar to my life story and my involvement with the 3D Animations industry.

Working in the CGI field for many years I have came a cross many artists and different working styles and looks, But I noticed that most of the artists out there ending up copying eat other using same tools and same looks and at the end of the day nothing feels unique anymore.

Being different sometimes can be hard as it takes time to discover your style and your look, But its beautiful once you reach it, Being a unique in your art.

And that's what the message I wanna share across this artwork is that you can be different from everyone around you, Maybe its something everyone else needs to break free :)


I wanted to create something more dramatic with black and white, Its more like something funny like ( YOU ARE THE CHOOSEN ONE ) kind of theme.



  • Scene Breakdown

For this scene setup it was pretty straight forward, I added my Lego guy and duplicated him around, Setting one hero for the focus point, Giving him different shaders and textures, And as for my camera I used the standard Focal point of 50mm with a focus point on the red character for more detailed micro look.


As for my lighting setup I kept it simple with 1 Key light coming form the top of the hero character, As for my right and left lights they gave the feeling of creating Rim lights all over the rest of the characters, To create a deep feel of this big huge space and there is many copies around and only one Lego guy came out different.


And this was my raw maya render, I hope you guys liked it :)


Maya , Arnold , Photoshop


For more work's Feel free to go through my works on Vimeo

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