Dracula Untold (2014) - a visual cinematic show, not to be missed

Dracula Untold (2014) - a visual cinematic show, not to be missed

In this film, which i recommend, the history of the country i belong has a new epic powerfull transformation, quite fantastic. Hollywood did nothing but, to expose through the film Dracula Untold, the fantastic and fabricated story of Vlad Țepeș ( Vlad the Impaler ), exploring the tragic events that led to his transformation into the most famous vampire of all time. I hope you are aware that the existence of a vampire of this kind has not been recorded in Romania. Count Dracula is a simple fantastic myth, invented by the legendary Bram Stoker himself - nothing more. Ok, ok, the story is pretty captivating - I liked it and i still like it, but without any grain of truth about the existence of vampires in Romania. Indeed, Vlad Țepeș was a harsh leader, quite tough, but this is due to the fact that in Wallachia ( Romania Land ), in those harsh times, was going through quite terrible periods.

In general, this seemingly ruthless leader felt compelled to resort to those desperate, even extreme gestures to impale those criminals, but only to frighten those oppressors who continued to enslave European citizens. So, in Romania there were no and no such supernatural beings - believe me, since i have been haunting😁👨‍🌾😂 my homeland, i have not seen such a creature of darkness. Indeed, over time, isolated, terrible cases of cannibalism have been reported, but those beings simply suffered from mental problems - nothing more, so nothing supernatural.

A small, small ... the smallest summary of the film.

Okay, let's finally try to get back to the movie, who i recommend with confidence. The story begins when Vlad (Luke Evans) was still human and describes the turbulent relationship of the ruler's family with the violent and greedy Sultan Mehmet (Dominic Cooper). In order to save his country and his family, Vlad sold his soul to the devil, the film directed by Gary Shore teaches us.

So, honestly, i really liked the movie, it's worth watching. With that end, i would have liked a sequel. Dracula Untold is clearly the best vampire movie i've ever seen. It's a good movie that combines a little, ok just a little history with a lot, too much fantasy. So, therefore, i recommend those who like science fiction movie! But, if you want something about the history of Romania, ooo ... believe me, this film does not expose such a thing. Cheers🙋‍♂️ to everyone🌍

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