Wednesday Walk - Yoga in the park

My #wednesdaywalk post for the challenge hosted by @tattoodjay.

Every week there is a yoga session in the park nearby. This is a very cool initiative, and very fun to watch! A few people laying on the grass and many others staring at them. I don't know if I could do those poses while people are staring!

Anyways, good for them. Yoga is healthy for sure.


There is an instructor too, I bet the session is not free. Look at those poses! A pose is called yogasana. The intention of yogasana is to exercise the body and make it free of pains and problems.



Now, let me share some interesting facts about yoga.

Yoga is an old discipline from India.
Yoga is both spiritual and physical.
Yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation.
Yoga helps to improve health and happiness.

If anybody wants to learn about yoga, there is a a website called Yogapedia
I found this cool graphic there...


Anyways... I hope you enjoyed the walk with me today... see you next week! xoxo


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