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Oh Nights Like This

It's been a while since I'm out in the streets at a night like this. I needed to buy some stuff for our pantry and decided to take a walk to the grocery store across the road. The weather is becoming more tolerable as the days pass by. Walking seems to be a pretty good idea.

There are fountains in many spots in the city. I think this is because apart from that they are beautiful, they kind of give off a cooling effect especially in the summer.

There are lots of lights. I almost forgot how bright the city is at night.


It is my first time going to that grocery store. We have to go around a few times to find the items we need to buy.

Isn't it amazing how the way seems to be faster going back than when coming to a place for the first time?

So on our way back, we decided to pause and take a few snaps of this beautifully designed and well-lighted shed.


Oh, I'm not sure if this really provides that much shade during a hot sunny day. But I'm pretty sure it is a beautiful sight at night.

Come winter and cooler days, I think this place would be a good place to spend time in.


Around this area was where an old colleague used to have his Biryani Restaurant. We used to come here to eat, of course, at a discount. Just say, "I'm a friend of your boss." LOL. Those are the magic words. Those days are over though since he already closed the restaurant down. If there's anything that caused him lots of white hairs, it was this restaurant.

Jones the Grocer is also here - nice food, but not something I can have all the time. Too pricey. Hehe.

Here's the bright outdoor seating of Jones the Grocer. Pre-pandemic, this would be filled with customers. Oh, how times have changed.


It was a breath of fresh air, having this short night walk. Hopefully, I can have more of these walks again soon especially now that summer is over.

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