I am alive challenge / one day as a shark DAY 16

Checking in for day 16. I'm alive and I'm happy!

I am alive challenge, day 16

Stella and I walked just as about as soon as she woke up

That was a good plan because it was literally just about as hot as balls today. Pretty close to the average body temperature of a human being, anyway. Early in the morning, it was pretty nice. The sun was just coming up. It was the time of day when you can make shadows that look like you have legs that are many times the length of your body. Look out for the long-legged monsters out on the prowl at 6 am!

shadow of a person and a dog

Dumb errands

My wife and I both drove up to a dealership just north of our house to get our Jeep worked on. We dropped it off and they're just going to call us whenever it's done. They haven't called yet today and it's getting pretty late, so I guess we'll see what's up tomorrow. I think I already mentioned this yesterday or the day before, but we're really hoping that the work that needs to be done will be covered under a warranty thing that we were dumb enough to buy. Never buy an extended warranty on anything. I don't know what we were thinking. haha.


Three Boozeless Weeks

I've now gone three weeks without drinking alcohol. I intend to quit drinking forever, but it's not the first time I've stopped. I've taken several long breaks in the past, but I never consider myself to be quitting drinking forever. It was always open-ended. The most recent time I tried to stop, I did say that I wanted it to be forever. I gave in at one point and had to start over, but this time I'm intending to do it forever again. Alcohol and I just don't have a good relationshipship and sometimes being all-or-nothing is a person's only option.

no booze (bitmoji)

My wife and I made some pickles today

The recipe is called shaker pickles. You basically throw everything in a big jar, shake it up for a couple of days just at room temperature, then you put it in the fridge after four days. They're dill pickles and they range in spice. The recipe calls for kind of a lot of jalapeños. I don't mind spicy food, but some people don't really like their pickles to be spicy. I suggested we do a couple of different varieties this year.

It was my job to seed and chop the jalapeños

I wore gloves. Not because I'm some sort of wuss, but because I'm fairly absent-minded sometimes and am prone to doing things like... oh, I don't know, scratching my face or perhaps urinating right after cutting spicy peppers. Let's just say it's best to avoid doing that. Gloves it is!

Deseeding jalapeños

This is a good time of year to find pickles

We got these at a local farm stand. Why wait until the farmer's market if there are farm stands all the time in the summer? You just have to look up where they are.

Jars full of pickle cucumbers

We made sure to label the hot ones

Pickle ingredients in a jar

Here's some dork giving the pickles a shake

That's not some kind of metaphor.

Shaking a jar of pickles

Splinterlands update

Although I think it's very possible the price of SPS today is a lot higher than it will be in the next day or several, I bought a little bit of it today, just because I wanted to. There will people FUDing the fuck out in the Splinterlands Discord today, about how stupid it is to buy it right now, and how the devs are all dumping it. It was pretty silly. I had to get out of there. Honestly, with the growth the game is experiencing, the Discord is a bit exhausting.

If you use Discord, please learn how to search. It's unbelievable how many people hop into a Discord to ask the same questions all throughout the day. There are pinned messages, but none that were super recent... at least the last time I looked.

RTFM bitmoji

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I bought about $9 worth of SPS... I'm not worried about the price. I'll begin receiving some every day for a year starting tomorrow. And hey... I'm up $1 already, so it was a good idea so far. ha.

Screenshot of SPS balance

I'm VERY excited for the SPS airdrop year beginning tomorrow!

It is my intention to continually increase my Splinterlands assets both because I want to and because it'll always be an uphill battle maintaining the same SPS payout with more and more people joining the game all the time. Many of them are going to want to increase their holdings as well. You can tell by the market prices of the cards. They're insane right now.

golden-fang has made it to the Gold II league now

Gold 2 League Stats

The Splinterlands team are geniuses

They knew that things were going to start to blow up and that there are some foreseeable problems that could arise. With the prices going through the roof and all of the attention the game is getting, I imagine the run on the Chaos Legion cards is going to be completely unprecedented.

I do believe they mentioned pre-sales and stuff could be open to people with SPS staked first. That way, actual players of the game get access before someone who only wants to sell things comes in and snags everything.

They also knew that the new rental system was going to change things in a big way. Nearly every single one of the cards I've put up for rent is currently rented out. I'm actively buying more cards and combining them until they're at key levels (Gold league levels, usually).

The demand for cards will be skyrocketing due to the influx of new players and the ease with which people can earn DEC by renting out cards now. Not only that, but for the entire next year, everyone's going to be trying to add as many assets as they can.

The ways in which SPS staking will prevent exploitation will be many, I think. I intend to stake every single one I ever get.

That's all! I hope your day went well!

Here's me, bright and early this morning on the walk with Stella T. Dog. It was trash day in our neighborhood as you can see in the background.

author selfie

goodnight bitmoji

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