524 uninterrupted post 10% in profits from ¨WeAreAliveTribe¨ Invest time and commitment

Hello friends of this wonderful company (Hive). I do not know if all, but the vast majority have in mind, or are doing something to grow our ¨Hive¨¨Power¨. In particular, I am making some investments online that will allow me from next month you do not have the compensation that I generate here, and invest everything in the growth of my HP. There is a reality, not everyone can make an investment in money for growth; However, there are some investment alternatives. The time that we can dedicate to our post in the creation, and the follow-up after having published it is very important; When there is effort, dedication and time invested in our publications, it shows; And if they are noticed, they are more likely to be compensated by top curators like our friends in the ¨Gems¨ community @appreciator, @rocky @upmewhale Five hundred twenty-four uninterrupted posts ago supporting this only" challenge "of:   @flaxz. #WeAreAliveTribe. #hivelsalive.

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Sounds like ¨Time is money¨; Everything we can dedicate to our company (Hive) is very important to get the exposure we need in our publications; As you mentioned before, if you get visualization it is more likely that your dedication will be compensated by the different curators; A great way to get exposure is through engagement with comments and interaction with other users from different communities; It should be remembered that when voting, we generally start with our "feed". If you want to grow and you don't have the ability to save; Time and dedication through commitment is the key

I had told you that in this part of the world it has been raining a lot; Although this is a blessing for our plants, they also make "herbs" grow, and the truth is that "weeds" are winning over us in the garden; That is not good at all, but I am not having time to dedicate; If you want to see the progress of our garden, you can visit my Vlog


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