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Hello friends of the hive. Once again here with you sharing another thought; For some time I have been playing very similar topics and related to what we transmit in our post; As you know, everything that we publish on our wall or blog is kept forever in our ¨blockchain¨ (Hive) and cannot be eliminated or erased; That is why we must be aware of what we write and the messages we send; Remember that future generations will be able to see the messages that we have saved on the web, and it would be good if what they can read gets something useful and positive; On some occasion I have seen posts with very negative messages towards another person, or towards our company; I don't like this kind of thing in particular, I don't think it's good for anyone; There are other communication channels to say the things we want to talk about if there is something that bothers us. This is my humble opinion. Let's take advantage of this space to keep a positive message forever. Today's message is that happiness is your choice. Five hundred twenty-two uninterrupted posts ago in support of this incredible ¨challenge ¨ by:   @flaxz. #WeAreAliveTribe. #hivelsalive.

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If you stop to think, life can be surprising, there are bad and good moments, and our choice depends on which mood we give it more participation; That is why happiness is an option and not a state; Choose to be happy above all else, do not give more interest to the bad things that happen every day

Our time in this world is more limited than we think, that is why we must be happy at all times, do not allow bad times to exceed your ability to choose, and choose to be happy.


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