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Hello and welcome to Team Alive. You can also join us on I'm continuing on this Alive Video Masters series to assist new and upcoming members taking part in the #iamalivechallenge. Shoutout to @flaxz, founder and organizer of @wearealive tribe on Hive.

How about coming up with your own movie review video series? I think I have mentioned before how we love bonding over watching a movie or two every Saturday night. This gave us something to look forward to even when Mom was still with us. We carried on the tradition to be able to relax and escape from reality even for a few hours on a weekend night.

I shared a bit of review on the two movies we watched. There's Breaking News on Yuba County and Onward. The first is more suitable for mature audiences, while the latter is a family movie. Do watch the video for details.

One day at a time... Hopefully soon, the world will reopen for everyone.

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