Fear of inversion - We Are Alive IAAC #146 - October 09, 2021

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Happy weekend to everyone in the community, I hope you are enjoying a well deserved weekend after a week of work, today a rainy day in my town with a maximum of 31ºC.
When you have money in a savings account, or worse in cash under the mattress, losing value every day against inflation, it is a way in which you lose money constantly.
Being afraid to invest limits us to progress economically, but be careful, you have to know how to invest, we have to study well what we invest in and if the project has its foundations and a solid base of growth.
Think seriously about investing, more in the long term and start educating yourself today to do so, is the key to personal economic success.
I am alive, thank you for your support.

I invite you to the community chat for any questions or suggestions, every day there is a topic for you to participate, we are waiting for you. We Are Alive Chat
Today's topic: Engagement grow your network
In today's Alive Chat we encourage you to share your engagements from the We Are Alive Tribe and build your network on the Hive blockchain, enjoy your Saturday!



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