Am Alive Challenge Post 174 | Happy weekend!!


Hello hive and Alive tribe!!
It's been a wonderful week.
Being alive among the living is just the gift from my creator.
I live today not because I have more records and achievements than those dead, but because of God's love, mercies and blessings.

Crypto bulls
It's becoming the top story on almost every news paper. BTC hits $61,000+.
Yes, the eagle just landed again and again and again.
The price is just up, dragging other tokens either up or below the reach of the bears. I hope hive is not on the red side?

Back to Alive!

In this post, I'll be sharing some alive challenge posts that I visited today.

  1. In this post, @Ayisah shares with us, how God has been merciful to her and how grateful she is to Her maker for the gift of life which extended to her family. It's all about God. You can pay a visit to her post using this link.

  2. Agriculture is power and will always be the best way to keep humanity on its right course. @femcy-willy has contributed his own quarter in food security by preserving the fishes he harvested we days ago from his pond. This is really awesome. Visit post click here

  3. Toby, @tobywalter shares with us why we need to be good to each other. He went further to emphasize the need for us to be considerate to each other. Men! You need to read this post. Link

  4. Jlufer, @jlufer being among the big whales in Alive tribe shares with us how grateful he is for the love and support we give him on daily basis. Yeah, that's right. We make everyone smile to the bank with the effects of web3. The crypto space has given millions jobs that they deserve, even without holding pen and paper. link

  5. Lstly, @twicejoy shares with us how God has been faithful to him. He also acknowledged God for keeping him alive to witness a day like this. Link

Thanks for reading my post and supporting me too.
Do have a lovely weekend.

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