Am Alive Challenge Post 169 | Purpose!!

Thanks to God for the gift of life, joy, happiness, guidance and protections.
He has blessed me with what to feed on, put on and giveaway to those very much in need.
Am alive today, not because I am far better than those who died some minutes before publishing this post, but because of the love of God and the purpose for which my life is pinned to achieve.

Yeah, purpose!
We all have our purposes to live for.
We are said to make account to our creator at the last day. Are we going to meet him while alive?
No. That's when purpose actualization comes in. You only meet him to make an account of "Why you lived" to him and him alone.

Therefore k live for God and God alone.
His purpose for my life must be achieved in Jesu name. Amen.
Thanks for reading my alive challenge post today.

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