Am Alive Challenge Post #163 | Opportunity

Opportunity as defined by online dictionary is "an occasion or situation that makes it possible to do something that you want to do or have to do, or the possibility of doing something".
Most at times, we tend to pay less attention to some of these things that we ones had in mind to do when the opportunity arrives in the future.
This could be attributed to the change in the scale of preference.
One might scale up something he saw biggest yesterday but dethroned today because the need is not urgent.
That brings more procrastination and later, rejection of such opportunity.
Why wasting such opportunity after creating an avenue for it in the past?
I have a friend who currently regrets on why he misused the opportunity he saw as less important some years ago i.e buying or investing in five while it was far below what we are seeing today, even the many that was given to him for creating awesome memes was sold at a cheaper rate.
Yeah, he got the opportunity to be rich but left it for chances to consume. It's true that he locked it to be sold in 2022 but couldn't withstand the pressure of loosing it all.
Am alive, safe and sound.
What's your story?

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