What a tremendous & weird time we live in.

Morning all,


As I sit in front of my computer this morning and contemplate what to write the title of, what a tremendous & weird time we live in, popped into my mind! It is so true. Here I am, and you, logging in and blogging on our Hive & CTP Talk every day. Just like the world is normal. While the Covid19 rages around the world. I have said it before, we are pretty lucky here in Newfoundland with very very low case count. But as school gets ready to re-open a few things have changed. A mandatory face make law takes effect this coming monday in all public spaces.

That being said, it is tremendous that I can sit here, put out my thoughts, people read what I have typed, you comment, you upvote, and I get rewarded. How the rest of the world has not come to Hive yet sometimes blows my mind. But really we know why. Education. We have to keep educating people on the benefits of Hive everyday. Talking it up and onboarding people. What is going on, on twitter now with helping push Hive is fantastic. Keep up the great work everyone.

That being said, I also wish people already on Hive, the CTP Talk, and I am Alive Challenge communities could see the power in the Curation Trail. 40 people have. Let us all push the trail.

My Dolphin Dreams: 2833.785 HP. Leaving me with 2166.215 HP to go in the next 136 days or an average of 15.9280514706 HP a day! I WILL DO IT!

And why not get and wear some clothing from My Hive Swag Store.

have a great day all.


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