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How to Hold People Liable When Your Rights are Being Violated

If you are interested in litigating in Canada this information will be of interest to you. You may be facing violations from your employer based on vaccination status and this info will help you. Its a lot to learn but at the same time these live streamed sessions may help you if you are a more attention based learner. I personally just read about this stuff, but some people do better with the video medium and I have been watching out of curiosity.

When: October 13th, 2021. Sign on starts at 05:30pm PST/8:30pm EST

Register in Advance:

David Lindsay will once again join Action4Canada’s founder, Tanya Gaw, in an critical conversation to address the next steps in asserting our guaranteed rights and freedoms. Tanya will provide updates on the increasing success stories in response to the legal action and Notices of Liability. We will as well hear from a business owner who is holding the line and remaining open while he respects the individual rights of his patrons.

We will also further discuss David’s E-book on how to file criminal charges against other citizens, “The Annotated Criminal Code Procedure in Canada,” which is available by emailing David at

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email. The meeting starts at 5:45pm PST/8.45pm EST with an Intro Presentation to Action4Canada. At 6pm PST/9pm EST the Empower Hour begins. Closed captioning is available for the hearing impaired.

To listen to last week's Empower Hour:


Coronavirus Vaccine Awareness Campaign

Out of concern for the future of civilization, and living freely in a free world, I am making this footer on all of my posts, to remind people of the significant conflict of interest impacting the lives of anyone who has heard of this virus, pandemic, or medical fraud. Which ever you remember it as, I hope to see us enjoying our inalienable human rights while reflecting on this chapter of human history.

Soft Vaccine Disclosure for Normies

If you have a narrow minded friend or family member, try out this soft disclosure, good for normies. mRNA inventor is on this panel, they all have decent inputs.

"They are still operating on the false premise that the spike protein was chosen accidentally, when we know the patent trail that it wasn't an accident, and was intentional as they have been weaponizing it and planning to use coronavirus as a vaccine vector since the 80s." - @darkflame

Legal Options for Canadians being Coerced into Vaccination by their Employer


Learn More:

#CovidVaxExposed Quotes

"The Occam's razor reality is, they said they needed to get the public to accept a pan coronavirus vaccine countermeasure, and they needed the media to create the hype and investors would follow where they see profit." - Dr. David E Martin, CEO M∙CAM

"It was very clear that Moderna knew they were going to be placed at the front of the line for vaccine approval in March 2019." - Dr. David Martin, CEO M∙CAM

"The Moderna Vaccine is actually the NIH (National Institute of Health) Vaccine. That was developed by D.A.R.P.A." - Dr. Robert Malone, Inventor mRNA

"your antibodies are probably better at that point than the vaccination." - Nick Karl, Scientist, Pifzer

"So, right now, we're seeing an increase in the Delta variant. Mostly not because of the variant. Because of immune ... their antibodies are waning. So they're - still protected, but not have that 95 percent efficacy. It's more like 70 percent. So you're being - you're protected most likely for longer since there was a natural response." - Chris Croce, Senior Assoc. Scientist, Pfizer

"I have faith that I will be protected whatever the outcome is, is what it is supposed to be, I am at peace with it, I am a little anxious about what they will do or what they will say. It needs to be seen by other people cause they are trying to give this to kids. If they are being this deceptive about it, I don't feel comfortable with it, being silent while they are trying to give it to babies that cant talk." - Melissa Strickler, Quality Auditor, Pfizer


PhusionPhil on Theta:
PhusionPhil's #CovidVaxExposed Odysee Playlist:
Project Veritas:
Study Shows Effectiveness against infections declined from 88% (95% CI 86–89) during the first month after full vaccination to 47% (43–51) after 5 months:
Browning Institute 29 Sources that Claim natural Immunity is superior to vaccination:

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