The takeover of society continues and so must The Resistance

The local anti-lockdown protests ("freedom rallies") I attend weekly with my wife and son are some of the most important and rewarding activism I've ever done. As our province (British Columbia, Canada) shifts into partial re-opening, the lockdown is easing, and a "New Normal" is taking shape. Is it time to put down the signs, flags, and banners? Or is this a crucial moment to have our voices heard?

Many of those who attend the grassroots events I've been to say they will continue, despite the lockdown being mostly over, and some of the restrictions easing. Masks are no longer mandatory here, but remain recommended, and some companies are taking this opportunity to make masks mandatory in their locations. Vaccinations (if you can call them that) continue, and "immunity passports" are coming soon. Only vaccinated Canadians are permitted to move about. The oppression, division, lies, and tyranny continue even if the state of emergency is finally going away! Besides, how long will they let us out of lockdown this time, 3 months? They're already hyping fear of Delta variant! We aren't going anywhere.

I love seeing how the various messages change slightly as the situation evolves. Now we get stuff like "Anti Lockdown Forever", "Next Time Fight for your Liberty", and "Never Again". I have a few good ideas brewing for Saturday.

Experts have changed the definition of Covid to include almost every possible symptom (or none at all), "vaccine" deaths are being counted as Covid deaths, and the "vaccinations" are now officially a permanent part of life ... But many of us see the scam now, and can never un-see it. We love freedom and are willing to do something to protect it.

The above GIF image shows some of the people and messages at my local rally on Saturday. It has been great forming a community of genuine, motivated, intelligent freedom-fighters! From 1.5 years old to the ripe age of 88, we all believe in our rights to gather, speak freely, protest, express ourselves, and worship. These are among the most fundamental of human rights and we won't stop exercising them!

POWER to the People!

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