Daily photography | Some photos in the area of ​​Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport

Hi Everyone !

These are some photos that I took at the location of the young Sultan Iskandar airport. This is Aceh's main airport. When you go to aceh, you have to go through this international airport. I shot this photo on several trips to get there. There are many people sitting waiting for fans to drop their friends, co-workers, or relatives there.

I sat in a simple coffee shop ordering breakfast and a cup of coffee. So early power comes to pick up work partners. I arrived half an hour earlier than the pick up time. I see people busy with their own work. The taxi driver sat on the floor near the passenger exit gate. While cleaning service, they are busy cleaning the floor around the airport.

I was busy looking at the beautiful view from the top of the coffee shop while enjoying a cup of coffee. I took this photo using my personal Realme 5 Pro smartphone camera. With automatic ISO. And I shoot at the phone's standard speed. I didn't change it. I just edited the slight color change using the apk snapsheet.






Regards @nasrud

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CategoryDaily photography
CameraRealme 5 Pro
Lensstandard 48 MP

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My name is Nasrudin. Many call me Nas. Born in a remote village in Pidie District, Aceh. I work in a private company engaged in telecommunications. Or more precisely at the Tri provider as the Operations Manager of a special company for the Aceh Branch. Regards @nasrud

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