Morning market view of our city.

Today I came to our town market early in the morning. When I came to the market, I saw a very beautiful environment, because the streets were very clean and secluded.


Today I arrived at the rice market in our town early in the morning. This market only sells rice. So I came here to buy rice, this market is very crowded every day. I came here this morning, I came and saw that there is no crowd today, the secluded environment and the roads are very beautiful and very clean.


I saw a fluffy shopkeeper on the side of the road. He is making Fuchka, he is making very good Fuchka. Everyone loves to eat phuchka from this store. Because they are very tasty. I also came today and I got him for free and I ordered him to eat phuchka.


Then I came to the shop of one of my acquaintances. He is doing business in a very honest way. There are many kinds of tea in his shop. I bought rice from him. He treated me well and kept the price low.

I like the market environment very much today, but I also like the market today.

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