TLNT token important updates - The Talent Club

   Know more about the TLNT token introduction and its Buy & Burn system.

Short introduction about the token

   As you know, the TLNT token it's the currency that represents percentages of The Talent Club project that can be acquired in the market, so that our buyers can enjoy a percentage of the curation rewards of our club on a monthly basis as if it were dividends from stocks of a company on the stock market.

   That said percentage is determined by the number of tokens in circulation, minus those that are burned, that is the current circulating supply of a month, representing the 100% of that said supply a 45% of club curation rewards: around 400 $HIVE/month, today.

   This percentage associated with the curation rewards is distributed monthly among the club's investors, depending on the percentage of the current circulating supply that they hold: if an investor owns a 25% of the current circulating supply during a month, he will earn 100 $HIVE (25% of 400 $HIVE), that month.

   The good thing about this is that with a single purchase, you can be generating benefits for life and also these benefits will grow as the club grows as well.

   But not only you do earn more for buying more but, when any other investor buys our token, an equal number of tokens are burned, which means that you, without having bought more, now have a greater percentage of the current supply and therefore will generate more profit thanks to any other token buyer.

   In addition, the purpose of this token is that, over a few years (even less), you have recovered the initial purchase amount, continue to generate benefits for life and on top of that you are in possession of a token that can revalue a lot over time (at least much more of for the price you bought it at).

   Everything generated from the sale of tokens is reinvested in the club so that makes everyone, both members and investors, generate more profits each month.

   Note 1: Since the rewards attached to the token are associated with the activity of the club for a whole month, to earn 100% of what corresponds to you for your percentage of the current circulating supply, you will have to have bought at the beginning of the month. In any case, you would be paid what corresponds to you, for example, if you bought in the middle of the month (15 days holding) you would be paid 50% of the curation rewards that would correspond to your whole percentage.

   Note 2: No staking implemented so you can sell whenever you want, but once you sold, you won't be able to claim for payment at the end of the month although you've been holding tokens for the 20 first days of a month, let's say.

Changes to come

   We are removing, from this month on, the requirement of holding minimum a 1% of the current circulating supply of our TLNT token in order to generate monthly profits. This means that any user with a minimum of 1 TLNT in his wallet during a full month will generate a profit.

   We are removing, from this month on, the option to become a member of the Executive Board for a 400,000 TLNT purchase.

   We said in the token introduction that we were going to release 1M tokens per year, however we have thought of another way that will allow us to see the true potential of this token much sooner and, that is, by burning a large number of tokens and accelerating the release of the entire maximum supply to 2023, wich will lead to finally have a total circulating supply (after burns) of 11M tokens.

   We also said that each year our token would go on sale on our part with a price increase of 25% compared to the previous year, however, by burning so many tokens and moving forward so many years, the price would have revalued a lot and this is not what we want actually, since we prefer that the token is now at very affordable prices so that any user of the platform can buy it, be a participant in the club and enjoy the revaluation of the price of the token once all the supply is out.

   The technical information regarding the burning and prices for the coming years will be as follows:


  • 68.99M tokens are burned at the beginning of the year.
  • Revaluation of +1.0147% for every 1M burned: +70% of 0.010 HIVE/TLNT price.
  • Our fixed sale price during that year: 0.017 HIVE/TLNT.
  • We will put 10M of tokens up for sale, but only 5M are effective (Buy & Burn system).
  • Those 10M of tokens will be put on sale in two batches during the year, 5M per semester.
  • 20M tokens remaining.


  • 10M tokens are burned at the beginning of the year.
  • Revaluation of +1.0147% for every 1M burned: +10.14% of 0.017 HIVE/TLNT price.
  • Our fixed sale price during that year: 0.0187 HIVE/TLNT.
  • We put 10M of tokens up for sale, but only 5M are effective (Buy & Burn system).
  • Those 10M of tokens will be put on sale in two batches during the year, 5M per semester.
  • Zero tokens remaining.

Frequently asked questions

   Are you trying to pump your own bags?

  • Most of our holders are prominent members of our club but if we wanted to pump our bags, we would have raised the prices much more than a 70% the next year, not to mention that the majority of those members are not willing to sell a single token at these cheap prices.

   Why are club members the largest holders?

  • Because they had voluntarily bought each and every one of the tokens on the market; there was no internal presale, no airdrop, or anything similar.

   Why would I want to buy a token associated with the income of a private club?

  • Because as long as this club continues to operate and grow on the platform, you will generate benefits for life, and you will have recovered your initial investment in a few years (even less) just with the passive income.

   There are projects that offer passive income just for delegating them so, why would I want to buy your token for earning passive income?

  • They are different ways, both of financing a project and offering benefits to its investors: delegating to obtain a passive income is very widespread but we see it as working on a single layer; offering a token associated with a passive income for us is like working on two layers, since in addition to recovering your initial investment in a few years (even less, see example below), you will continue to generate income for life and on top of that you will have tokens (different than $HIVE) that can be revalued a lot and that you can sell to obtain even more benefits, thing that the other single layer system does not provide.
  • Let's say you delegate 4,000 HP to a project that offers you a 20% APR; you would be generating 66.66 $HIVE/month, right?
  • If you had invested those same 4,000 HIVE in our TLNT token at 0.01 HIVE/TLNT (price of 2021), during this year you would have been in possession of 78.50% of the current circulating supply, which would be reporting you 314 $HIVE/month.
  • So, for example, during those 6 months from your purchase you would have recovered 1,884 liquid $HIVE and that's enjoying almost a 95% APR during those six months; in ten months, 3,140 liquid $HIVE back; not bad, really?
  • Note 3: Since from 2022 we will take out more tokens than the 1M/year previously set, current largest holders will see monthly profits affected and decreased, so we state clear that the said %APR mentioned above (valid for 2021 in a purchase of 4,000 $HIVE), will be lower, especially at the beginning of the year until tokens start to be sold and burned.

   Why do you modify the tokenomics now when the previous system was perfect for the current largest holders, mostly club members, who have a large amount of current circulating supply and who will be negatively affected by high inflation such as the one in the following years?

  • First, because our objective is not to get the greatest possible benefit for us for 100 years in a row, but to give the opportunity for there to be an equitable distribution of tokens among the users of the platform and that more people can feel part of the club and enjoy its multiple benefits, one way or another.
  • Second, we want to grow as a club and putting more tokens for sale means greater growth of the club account, which benefits all the members of the club and not only the token holders.
  • Third, we're eager to see how much this token is revalued once the entire maximum supply is out and all the tokens are in hands of investors with a total supply of 11M tokens and God knows how much %APR bringing for future years.

   Are you a TLNT token holder? So please visit us on our Discord server, join our discussion channel for the token and get your TLNT token holder role!

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