Service Update - Monthly Curation Rewards To Our Members!

   This has always been a club that has tried to offer the best returns to its members in the form of a daily vote but also, from today, wants to improve and further increase that benefit, giving them part of the club's curation rewards on a monthly basis.

   We are mainly focused on helping the active users of the platform, those who publish daily, who are the ones who can get the most benefit from this club.

   We are going to proceed to show some examples of our current system as well as answer some questions that you may ask about us.

What is the distribution percentage of the club's monthly curation?

  • The club is going to add the 30% of its monthly curation rewards to its members' remuneration. That means, at the current HIVE price and with our current voting power, around 100 HIVE/month

What will my benefits be if I delegate, let's say, 2,000 HP to the club?

  • Currently, if you publish 7 days a week, you would be taking 26.80 HIVE/month in the form of daily upvote (6.70 HIVE weekly/$1.61, having already discounted 50% of the curation rewards that the club takes) and we would also add between 10/15 HIVE liquid monthly payment from club's curation. That would raise our profitability to, at least, 36.80 HIVE/month or, what is the same, at least 9.2 HIVE/week.

And my benefits for delegating 1,000 HP to the club?

  • In the same case of previous example, if you post seven days per week, you will be earning 4.83 HIVE weekly/$1.12 plus 5/7 HIVE liquid monthly payment from club's curation. That's, at least, a total income of 6.08 HIVE/week.

Is this club the ideal one for passive incomers?

  • No, we're not. Our model focuses on generating profits for the active members of the platform, adding our voting power to our monthly distribution of liquid HIVE as a combined method of remuneration, so if you only delegate and do not publish, our service will not meet your expectations.

Any user of the platform can be a member of this club simply by delegating?

  • Well, not really. To be a member of this club, you must first leave us an access request on our Discord server, that we study the content of your account (both for quality of content and to avoid plagiarists, etc.) and that the members of the club vote in favor of your incorporation. Finally, once these processes have been successfully passed, you could delegate to the club and become part of it.

Why do you only accept low delegations up to 2,000 HP?

  • We are realistic and to offer good service and good profitability to our delegators, the most we can currently accept is that amount. We are looking at accepting 4,000 HP delegations in a not too distant future.

What's Talent Minnows membership?

  • It is our way of helping small accounts by making them feel like part of the club through symbolic delegation. They delegate only 1 HP to the club and we give them 1.70 HIVE/month, in the form of daily votes, plus its part of monthly liquid HIVE from curation rewards.

Is the distribution of the monthly curation rewards proportional?

  • Our highest memberships, which are the ones that contribute the most to the club, are the ones that take the best part of those monthly profits. But all memberships take a monthly share proportional to what they contribute to the solvency of the club.

I dont't publish daily, just 2 or 3 times/week. Is this club still profitable for me?

  • Well, we've been comparing other projects' rewards and still we're seeing that our service gives more remuneration even if you do not publish seven days a week.

   The remuneration reflected in the models exposed above are those deducted from the current situation of the club. These remunerations may change over time, both up and down, depending on the state of the club at that time.

   We are open to answer any other questions you may want to ask us, both those that you leave in the comments of this article and those that you ask us directly through Discord.

   The Power Down of the club account begins today and the first monthly payment of our members will be made at the beginning of the following month.

   We hope to keep improving and helping more and better.

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