Service Update - %APR Changes and More!

   For those who still do not know us, we could define ourselves as a large group of users versed in various subjects, such as: painting, writing, music, medicine, graphic design or photography, among others, who decide to join together to form a club with which to operate as a single entity, for the common good, both of its members and the rest of the users or projects of the Hive platform.

   We could also define this project, in general terms, as a club with reserved admission rights that brings together outstanding members of the community, giving them voice and vote, since our structure is democratic. We have created our own collaborative space, helping each other and ourselves, so that we do not have to depend on external votes from other corporations anymore. That is why, among other things, we put a part of our individual HP at the service of a common account, that of the club, with which we can help each other and help other people.

   You can also know a little more about us and our operations in the previous Service Update article.

   Introductions made, we enter the matter.

What parameters is your %APR based on?

  • We provide a NET %APR (having already discounted the 45% curation rewards that curators get) based not only on the liquid amount of HIVE we give to our members annually (which varies by membership) but also on the amount of net HIVE we give to our members through our daily votes on their articles (voting percentage also varies by membership).
  • Therefore, since our remuneration system for our members is mixed (daily upvotes + monthly liquid rewards) we can say that for the total %APR to be met, the member should publish their articles 7 times/week.

So based on the point made above, is this a club to get into if I am just a passive investor?

  • We're clear: if you're just a passive investor there are more profitable projects to get liquid daily rewards from different than this one.
  • This club was created for the benefit of fully active users on the platform, who also meet certain requirements; some of the most important are: to have talent in some field, a clean track record of plagiarism and being aware that being part of the club is not primarily to obtain very good benefits but to be part of a whole created to help others.
  • Of course, in despite of that, if you believe in our project and want to help the community you will get a monthly income as any other active member.

What %APR have you been giving to your members previous to this update?

  • Our %APR until this update it was variable, depending on the membership you had. We had always thought that our main objective was to help those who have the least more; that is, to the members of our club with the lowest delegations. This is why our %APR for different delegations were these:
  • Bronze membership - 50HP delegation - %APR: +117%
  • Silver membership - 100HP delegation - %APR: +106%
  • Gold membership - 250HP delegation - %APR: +63.4%
  • Red Diamond membership - 2,000HP delegation - %APR: +31.1%

What will be the new %APR for your memberships?

  • Having said the above, based on our ideological basis of trying to help more those who have the least, we believe that from an investment point of view it is not fair that those who contribute the most to the club get less %APR than those who contribute the least.
  • That is why, from now on, we are going to standardize all memberships equally to a +20% APR.

Is there any other reason to lower and standardize the %APR?

  • Yes, there is a compelling reason and this is that we are going to implement a new membership associated with a new higher amount of delegation: Californium252 - 4,000HP delegation.
  • Implementing this new delegation option is a new challenge for the club, as well as a sacrifice from all of us, as we want to be able to continue providing our good service to this new option.
  • In addition, we want to save a little more VP to be able to slightly increase our curation rate to talented non-club members, so the VP saved in lower votes to most of our memberships will be used for that and to help as well a little more our allied projects.

The lower of the %APR is it going to affect the portion of the daily vote received or to the monthly liquid HIVE portion of the club's curation rewards more?

  • It will only affect the voting percentage the member would receive. The HIVE monthly liquid amount remains almost the same for every membership.

How much percent of the total APR percentage represents the liquid HIVE that you'll give to your members?

  • It will represent a 6.4% of the total +20% APR.

Why won't your club accept delegations higher than 4,000 HP for now?

  • Because we're realistic and to offer good service and good profitability to our delegators, the most we can currently accept is that amount.

What percentage of club's curation rewards do you distribute to your members as monthly payment?

  • We are currently distributing 50% of our curation rewards.

What other news have you implemented or are you going to implement at the end of the year?

  • We do a monthly raffle of 10 HIVE among non-club authors that we highlight daily from our daily curation through our @gottalent account.
  • We are going to start a monthly raffle of 20 HIVE among the club members. Any member with a minimum Bronze membership may participate.

Any user of the platform can be a member of this club simply by delegating?

  • Well, yes and not. To be a member of this club, you must first leave us an access request on our Discord server, then we'll study the content of your account (both for quality of content and to avoid plagiarists, etc.) and then current members of the club will vote in favor, or not, of your incorporation. Finally, once these processes have been successfully completed, you could delegate to the club and become part of it.

What's Talent Minnows membership?

  • It is our way of helping small accounts by making them feel like part of the club through symbolic delegation. They delegate only 1 HP to the club and we give them a daily small vote and a part of monthly liquid HIVE from curation rewards.

Is the distribution of the monthly curation rewards proportional?

  • Our highest memberships, which are the ones that contribute the most to the club, are the ones that take the best part of those monthly profits. But all memberships take a monthly share proportional to what they contribute to the solvency of the club.

   The remuneration reflected in the models exposed above are those deducted from the current situation of the club. These remunerations may change over time, both up and down, depending on the state of the club at that time.

   We are open to answer any other questions you may want to ask us, both those that you leave in the comments of this article and those that you ask us directly through Discord.

   We hope to keep improving and helping more and better.

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