Monthly Payment - Curation Rewards To Our Members - April 2021

   As we explained in our Service Update 2 and Service Update 1 articles, we're already distributing more than a 30% of our curation's rewards to our members on a monthly basis.

   We've also standardized our APR to a minimum of +25% for all our memberships.

   And as if that were not enough, we now also pay liquid HIVE to our members (in a single payment at the time of delegation) each time they increase their membership, in a cumulative way: the more memberships they escalate, the higher the payment.

   This is a club with a mixed remuneration system (daily upvotes + curation rewards distribution + rewarding memberships promotion) that places us directly in one of the projects that distributes the highest remuneration by delegation of the entire platform.

   We are proud that more and more users trust us and, what is more important, that these users are aware that when they enter the club they are part of a whole designed to help each other.

   Thank you on behalf of the club for your trust and community support.

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   If any member does not agree with the amount received, we will be happy to review their case.

   That's all for today. Until the next monthly distribution!

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