Announcement about our token to avoid confusion

   First thing we want to say it's that it has been our mistake to set exactly the same token name we used for our Steemit's tribe token so we're responsible perhaps for leading to some confusion or misinterpretation about that. Our fault!

   Said that, we've received a very unpleasant criticism from an user that's not faithful to the reality of our faultless behavior on the platform and of our will of always trying to find a new way to further benefit our members or the people who support us.

   Years ago, on the Steemit platform, we created a tribe TLNT token (which has nothing to do with the current one, neither in technical details, nor in its use, nor in its possible benefits), as a tribe, to simply remunerate also with tokens, in an extra way, to the people that we voted daily. We also did a free airdrop to many users of the platform, non-club members, as a way of rewarding their trajectory.

   You can see in the image above that our Steemit's TLNT token had no specific kind of benefit for holding it or whatever. You can also check out the Introductory Article we made on Steemit about that TLNT token and The Talent Boulevard, etc..

   The token in Steemit didn't perform good (understanding by this that the price of the token was decreasing and that there were finally no purchase orders) and time after that, we all migrated to Hive platform. The Talent Club in Steemit and our TLNT tribe token are abandoned there.

   So, once we moved fully to the Hive platform we reinvented the club (improving a lot our service and implementing many new ways of giving our members more rewards) and also created a token with a totally new system.

   We reiterate that no technical data of the old token matches the new one and that they are totally different tokens even though they have the same name and the same logo.

   We've proudly created now an innovative token that rewards you with monthly liquid payment, depending on the circulating supply amount you hold. And maybe we're the first project to share a monthly club's curation rewards percentage that way and to offer a position on its Executive Board, in addition to the monthly club's curation percentage we already share with our club members.

   So, we think some accusations made by this user are ridiculous when we're distributing the 90% from our curation rewards to the community, apart from distributing more liquid to the community in at least four more different ways.

   We can understand that if a project or a token in some platform are unsuccessful that causes some frustration BUT we didn't promise anything to anyone with our Steemit's tribe token, nor any kind of benefits, neither we knew our Steemit's token was going to die, or that we all were going to migrate to a new platform.

   So we decided to start almost everything from scratch here in Hive platform, evolve and create new things and new rewarding systems.

   We respect everyone's opinion and free speech and we'll be glad to hear you or your situation but from the point of view that you understand that they're different tokens, with a different club system than the previous one in the old platform.

   Do you want to know more about our new Hive's TLNT token and its outstanding benefits? So visit our Introductory Article and read all the data about it.

   Do you want to know more about us, who we are or our system? So visit us on our Discord server and take a look there. You can also read about us at the bottom of our Daily Club Reports.

   You can also know more about us and our latest service updates, taking a look at Service Update 2 and Service Update 1 articles.

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