A Farewell Letter - The Talent Club

Public announcement - The Talent Club dissolution

   As you already know, we were a club made up of talented authors of the platform who three and a half years ago, before the great sectarianism, cronyism and great centralization of the votes on the old platform, they decided to come together and create something together, both for the sake of those authors and for others who might be in the same situation.

   So those guys decided to delegate their few stake to a common account, that of the club, and start rewarding ourselves and others and highlight what we considered talent.

   We never had any support from anyone apart from our own delegations and good words coming from our community (who fully trusted and supported our cause), and both most of our own stake and most of all the job behind all the club matters has come mainly from the creator and founder of this club: @dresden.

   We have always believed on what we've been doing all this time back and also thanks to us many reputed authors and real professionals didn't leave the platform because started to get some few rewards.

   We have always tried to improve our system and be friendly with our environment and help other users and projects on the platform, but it is true that lately we could have done things better, such as not voting ourselves on some of the daily reports we published to try to found ourselves a bit and be able to build more things on this platform.

   As we always liked to hear the community and the community told us they didn't like some of our stuff, we were going to announce and publish, within this next week, a statement with all the changes and improvements we'd already set and all the restructuring the club was going to perform for being a model of examplirity and try to add up more things to Hive platform.

   But also during these last days we have perceived a great distrust towards us as a project and we have been accused of serious and uncertain things; we have tried to dialogue with certain relevant people in the environment and legitimately integrate ourselves and we have been denied the private word but not the public witch hunting against us on some Discord servers; we have also noticed a lack of education and rigor of some supposed professionals of the platform when we have lately tried to help the ecosystem by reporting possible plagiarists or shitposters, and we were accused of trying to deceive the system by submitting wrong forms on purpose when we wanted no other thing than trying to help.

   This has already been the last straw, and certainly, we are (speaking here as a whole since I know first hand that I am not the only member of the club who shows his displeasure with this treatment) a bit tired of of everything around here and being treated like second class citizens or something like that. We are not (speaking here as @dresden, who writes this statement) the kind of people who stays where they're not wanted, neither we're beggers nor toadies.

   So it's okay, if you don't want us here as a project or if you don't appreciate our future potential or our vision, no problem. No hard feelings.

What are we planning to do

   We have always been characterized by our desire for transparency and community support, care and comittment, so we will take the following measures after our dissolution and power down of our account:

  • First, ask you to undelegate us your Hive Power when you read this message.
  • Refund the entire amount from all the TLNT token purchases to their owners plus an upfront liquid payment of two months of the curation rewards associated to holding your share of the tokens.
  • The club will share a portion of the powered down $HIVE among all the members who contributed to make this club a dream come true, thing that we had already done in previous two big Power Downs of the club.
  • Donate 1,000 $HIVE to the Decentralized Hive Fund, sending them to @hive.fund account.
  • We're opening our Splinterlands' guild The Talent Club Spartans to whoever wants to join it and enjoy some of its privileges, so no longer Invite Only but currently Open.
  • We're distributing 20 prizes of 20 $HIVE to selected comments in this article, whoever you are or wherever you come from. Selection of comments will be made at our discretion.

  • Acknowledgements and tips

       I do not have enough words of gratitude for all those who have made this project possible, those who have seen it as a hidden gem and those who have constantly supported the great work and organization that was behind the club and that was not seen in the face of the public.

       Keep enjoying this wonderful platform full of possibilities because many of you are really talented.

       The best of wishes for you all, critical or non-critical, friend or foe.

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