Daily Highlighted Authors - July 28th, 2021

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   Studying at home was one of the measures that children, parents and teachers had to take during the pandemic, having to face this new virtual modality, which implied a great challenge for children.

   The author confesses that it was not easy to get used to and that there were moments when she realized that her son was losing interest and then she tried to innovate and create her own methods to teach him in a more entertaining and didactic way.

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1st - none, 2nd - none, 3rd - none, 4th - none, 5th - none, 6th - Jhanna11,

7th - Danielapevs, 8th - Mers, 9th - none, 10th - none, 11th - none, 12th - Katimar,

13th - Pardinus, 14th - Miguelmederico, 15th - Josueprime, 16th - Brujita18, 17th - none, 18th - none,

19th - none, 20th - Kristiec, 21st - Sagesigma, 22nd - Robertocopio, 23rd - Kristal24, 24th - none,

25th - none, 26th - Dayna199019, 27th - Keilis, 28th - Corimarstorys, 29th - , 30th - ,

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