Daily Featured Author - August 24th, 2021

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   Violence against women, in general terms, fills us with sadness because, among other things, they represent our mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends...; that is why today we wanted to highlight the story of today's featured author wich talks about what a woman can feel after an episode of abuse towards her and how, despite the love she feels towards her partner and abuser, she decides to say "enough" and move on without him in her life.

   Fictitious story that, unfortunately, becomes a reality around the world and that helps us to reflect on the social scourge of gender violence.

1st - none, 2nd - none, 3rd - Mike.cupcakes, 4th - Manu-gp, 5th - Garybilbao, 6th - none,

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13th - none, 14th - none, 15th - none, 16th - Strangex, 17th - Oscurity, 18th - none,

19th - Evamillan, 20th - none, 21st - none, 22nd - none, 23rd - Elgatoshawua, 24th - @Kemmyb,

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