Daily Featured Author - August 23rd, 2021

   Every day we will select and publish the best author and his work, selected among the different authors manually curated daily by The Talent Club.

   Among all these authors selected daily, we will select the best author of the month, giving him an extra 10 $HIVE prize.

   Our purpose is none other than to continue highlighting and remunerating talent on the platform, regardless of whether you belong to the club or not.

   Congratulations for your work! You've been already upvoted by the club and selected to compete for this month prize:

   With paperboard we can create many things, it is only necessary to have a little imagination and this is how today's featured author teaches us to make an elevator with some paperboard, tempera and colored cardboard, so that children can play with it at home.

   A beautiful idea in which the children of the house can participate and that will serve to entertain them, in addition to teaching them to reuse recyclable materials, thus encouraging the care of our environment.

1st - none, 2nd - none, 3rd - Mike.cupcakes, 4th - Manu-gp, 5th - Garybilbao, 6th - none,

7th - none, 8th - none, 9th - Arialvi75, 10th - Marianomariano, 11th - Eugelys, 12th - Majo77,

13th - none, 14th - none, 15th - none, 16th - Strangex, 17th - Oscurity, 18th - none,

19th - Evamillan, 20th - none, 21st - none, 22nd - none, 23rd - Elgatoshawua, 24th - ,

25th - , 26th - , 27th - , 28th - , 29th - , 30th - ,

31st -

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