Sean Speaks. Birmingham. 31/10/2020. Resist Tyranny. Fight for Freedom.

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The purpose of this channel is share my speeches in the United Kingdom and bring awareness to my work. Download all my work for free at

My full name is Sean Argyle. Sean Speaks is the alias i decided to use when i went public. I am an investigate journalist who specialises in exposing corruption at the highest echelons of power. I started speaking out publicily in 2020 when the elite initiated the New World Order and the take over of humanity via the fake Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to Covid I had been working tirelessly for two years to create #FREEDOMGATE.

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Freedomgate is my creation. It consist of 7 different subjects/gates. Each gate and its contents are unique unto its self, but they are all connected to the larger compendium which makes up Freedomgate as a whole. All gates expose serious corruption and crimes against humanity orchestrated by the international criminal cabal. The 7 gates of Freedomgate are as follows:

2: 5G-GATE
6:CORRUPTIONGATE (Split into two seperate events involving Irish and British Police)

Please view the Freedomgate resources listed above to understand what Freedomgate is, and the 7 subjects which make up its entirety. The purpose of this channel is share my speeches in the United Kingdom and bring awareness to my work. To this day i have not had the chance to fully explain Freedomgate to the public in one speech. This is due to the fact that each subject is extremely detailed, complex, and informative. It would be impossible to give a clear and full synopsis in one go.

When I speak publicly i speak true, clear, and from the heart. I never plan or write down a speech down. I hope i come accross as real and genuine because thats the type of man i am. All i want is a better world for mankind, but in order for us to get there we must expose the evil occult ways of the elite and wake up the sleeping masses to their evil agendas! If you find my speeches informative, inspiring, and real, please share these videos and my work on Freedomgate with as many people as you know. Slowly but surely we are changing the world.

If you're reading this... you are the change, you are the truth, WE ARE THE RESISTANCE!

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Resist Tyranny. Fight for Freedom. Sean Speaks. Red Pilled.

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