SublimeSunday @SublimeSunday @c0ff33a Beautifulsunday @ace108// Beautifulsunday @ace108// A VISIT TO MY BROTHER'S HOUSE

Hi hiveans lovers, I wish you all a happy Sunday and I hope you're all having a great weekend. I am grateful to be able to witness another bright and wonderful Sunday. Thanks to @c0ff33a for the initiative of SublimeSunday and @ace108 for the initiative of Beautifulsunday. It's been a while that I have paid a visit to my brother. Her wife even called me yesterday telling me that she is in fight with simply because I don't ask of her and her daughter. But thank God I was able to visit my brother's house today to make my brother's wife and her daughter's happy.



I took my time to take pictures with my cousin's, they are both Photography lovers, and I have really missed them a lot and they have missed me too.




The elders sister's name is Nafisah, she is gentle and easy going kid but the younger ones name is Ayisah, she is very troublesome, she can disturb a hell out of someone and she is very beautiful and brilliant.



She brings out her text book and I try to help her out. Kids grab easily what you taught them especially when they meet someone that they are familiar with.


And finally I had a plate of spaghetti and two eggs to conquer my hunger after playing with the kids. The food is very delicious.

I really appreciate this SublimeSunday and beautifulsunday because I was able to hangout with my cousin and play with them. I will love to visit them again anytime soon.

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