A Sublime Sunday Walk in October


For this week's #sublimesunday, as inspired by @c0ff33a, we decided to take a family walk around the neighborhood to take in the sights of fall. With no clouds in the sky, and temperatures in the 50Fs, it was a perfect morning for a stroll.


Most of the maples have lost their leaves, but now is the time for the second wave of trees to start to turn. Quite a few ash trees have been cut down in the city due to the emerald ash borer plague that has been in the area for a few years; some trees, such as the ones on our boulevard, still exist because we chose to pay for pretreatment. Most ash, however, is long gone leaving pockets of areas in town barren.



Still, a few different species still thrive. And, to the city's credit, the ash that has been removed is replaced with new trees In time, hopefully, the young trees will bloom in a few years too.


Yet there are still plenty of fall delights to enjoy. Greens, yellows, and reds abound.




It's an easy photowalk when you live in this area around this time of the year. Colors are everywhere in the hills and in the fields; it's really only a matter of time before the white of winter makes its way to us. From what most have said (ie the Farmer's Almanac), most expect this winter to be cold and long. More than usual, that is...so until then, it's days like this that it's good to get outside and enjoy the world.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my #sublimesunday moments. Until next weekend, have an equally wonderful day!

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