Beaten my sickness°^ Sublime Sunday


  • When you have slept late at night and woke up with a complaint that you won't sleep or have a headache. Brown mothers always credit your phone for this illness haha and somehow they are also right. I omitted my breakfast as I have online viva but I noticed hypertension and severe migraine. I don't know how I have answered the questions but after taking medicine and prosper rest I saved my half Sunday from spoiling haha. Let me spared smile on your faces because I love to do this lol


  • Imagine the condition when you are watching the practical at the last moment on youtube and the teacher randomly allows you for the viva at first you will have such expression.

  • And when she asks what are bindin proteins their function and locality. What I predicated about their locality was the egg membrane and after a while I was, shocked to see they are present in the sperm of sea urchin.


  • I know I did the blunder but please don't say anything to me because I also lament myself for more than 10 minutes hahaha I guess it's enough Nah.
    Imagine when are chuckling at the insult and wrong answer of your friends and immediately the next turn is yours for this purpose. I can't tell you what type of embarrassment one feels haha.


  • So apart from these jokes I have prepared a special dish for my family we called Gulab Jamun shortly, I will be sharing their recipe but they taste sweet than I thought haha I remembered when our Captain @dreemsteem calls me sweet Ayesha hehe


  • Although I made this to kill my sickness but attending in the kitchen for more than 2 hours I found myself dead as I have eaten nothing from the morning and it was almost evening now thereby I have taken a dosage of this.


  • Haha do you, know it's called addiction, in our side tea is an addiction and I love to have it twice a day. But if I have to wake up more I may increase my addiction to one more cup haha. If anyone can relate do share your view.
    What I have to perform next was the research process regarding animal behavior and this is how perform my work hehe. I bored writing with single color thereby used as many as I have so that I can remember this better way. Can you relate this with human psychology?


  • Alright so this is the last joke for today, I was given a topic infant killing, I spent half an hour researching the data I found was regarding humans killing and what I needed was any infant killing I know we are also animals haha bit I required experiments about the baboons, mammals and other wild animals.


  • See how to google misguides at the end I made notes by brainstorming let's see tomorrow my examiner would reject or accept it. I promise if they will be accepted I will save them in publication so that next time none of the students should face such an issue.

  • Conclusion;

I started my day with illness, at a moment I was completely freaked because of hypertension but my mom assisted me. I haven't replied to any of her questions kept on asking what you have to eat, I have to make choices for you. Get up have a walk just because of this motivation I left the sickness on the bed and protected myself. I am not that fearful girl that would go panic instead I believe in fighting against everything with willpower. Ending up the thoughts about the sublime Sunday with a smile. See you the next Sunday till then stay firm, happy and motivated.


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