Cold Shake Sachet Coffee in a simple shop, Aceh coffee shop

Hello coffee lovers!! Have you enjoyed a cup of coffee today? Of course it's because a lot of coffee has gotten its pleasure from a cup of coffee in the morning, the morning is a mandatory time for me to enjoy a glass of hot coffee, different from noon to night I don't really like hot coffee, I like cold coffee whose price is only 5 thousand rupiah, sachet coffee is my favorite coffee because the presentation is not complicated, in this photo I show off a cup of coffee that I can't name, I ordered it in a cold shake coffee option, so the foam from this coffee is very thick and dripping out of the glass.

Many say that my taste is strange, because our area is known as the area of ​​a thousand coffee shops, but I don't like traditional coffee, I don't know why I prefer sachet coffee, it doesn't mean I never drink or don't like I also drink coffee often traditional but the taste was so bitter it didn't taste good at all in my mouth.

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