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Howdy, fellow coffee lovers!

Here I am still awake at 6am. Thanks to that large cup of coffee I guzzled last night before finishing a task I was assigned to by my high school classmate. It was for our school's 50th anniversary. And I finished it around 3am.

I've been a caffeine dependent person since I was 16. Being a procrastinator, I always find myself the most productive when I have my back against the wall. So I tend to make my projects or assignments a day before the deadline. In order to power through, I consume lots of caffeine before starting my task.

It started with cheap instant coffee powder. As it was the most common coffee product sold in our country. When I graduated and got a job, I moved on to lattes and cappuccinos sold at the coffee shops. Then on my birthday last 2019, my wife gave me a coffee maker as a present. She knows how much I love coffee and it was the perfect gift. Since then, I could consume 5 cups per day, at most.

Just recently, I've been controlling my caffeine intake as I've been having palpitations and worried that it might worsen if I continue my habit. I also have been having poor sleep quality. That's why I made 2 rules for myself: I can only drink a maximum of 2 cups per day, and I shouldn't drink coffee after 2pm. After that, I noticed that my sleep quality has gotten better. And no more palpitations.

I only break my rules whenever there is a very important task to finish. Just like the one last night. After finishing it at 3am, I still have energy left. I thought of joining the contest when I read about it 3 days ago but I couldn't come up with an entry. After reading my wife's(@krystalogue) blog for the #coffeecontest , I thought I still have time to make it before the deadline.

So here it is, a product of caffeine and procrastination.

My initial sketch on paper

Submitted this to Curate as an NFT, did not receive feedback yet

I name this piece "The Coffee Head". It is sort of a self-portrait. That's me being awakened by all the caffeine in my head, trying to be productive and wanting to produce the best content. Notice the Hive latte art? And the steemit steam coming from the coffee? Yes, they are all in my head as I was making this. I should probably go to sleep after this.

Coffee saved me from a lot of failed grades and disappointments. It has always been a very important part of my daily routine and it will remain that way for as long as I live. As the saying goes, "Once a coffee lover, always a coffee lover."

Well, if you feel the same way comment ☕ down below so we can talk about it.

This is it for now. See you on my next post!

P.S. Here are some photos of me enjoying my cup of coffee from 2 of my most favorite travel destinations.

Coffee Prince Cafe, South Korea, 2018

Siargao, 2017

Thank you for your time reading this!


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