My sugary coffee buns in Portugal

Hello friends, how are you today, I just want to share something very tasty that at this time makes the Portuguese all the rage.

These sweets are called coffee buns and they are delicious.
It is also a good company to drink with a good cup of coffee and today I want to leave this delicious recipe with the group that I hope you like and make there in your homes.

The whole family I'm sure will love it.



The ingredients we will need are the following: take note:
1-180 g yellow sugar
2-250 ml coffee
3-1 teaspoon fennel powder
4-2 teaspoons of cinnamon
5-1 pinch of salt
6-100 g nuts
7-125 ml oil
8-1 tablespoons full of honey
9-250 g of flour


How to prepare:
First mash the walnuts
Then put the oil, coffee, honey and sugar in the cup.
Then add the rest of the ingredients, but not the flour at this time.
Then we add the flour and we have to make the shape with our hands of these delicious coffee buns.
To finish, we take them to the oven at about 180 degrees, finally passing them when we take them out of the oven for sugar as you can see in the image.

And good appetite coffee lovers I hope you like it here at home and in Portugal we love it.


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