Pituin Coffee Shop, from Bandung for Coffee Lovers Around the World

Hi guys, my name is Rakhmat Margajaya. I'm from Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I have good news for coffee lovers around the world.


The name of the coffee is Pituin Coffee. Pituin is a word from the Sundanese language which means original.

This is the best coffee in West Java, Indonesia. So, if you go to West Java, don't forget to visit the Pituin Coffee Shop. If you use a motorbike, you only need 45 minutes from downtown Bandung to the Pituin Coffee Shop.

The place is in the alley. But whoever visits there, of course wants to visit there again. In addition to the delicious taste of the coffee, the place there is beautiful, and we will be served by them in a friendly manner. And, this is interesting, the price is friendly for everyone.




Try going there after sunset. The dim lights greeted the customers when they came to the coffee shop.
Even though the place is in an alley, we won't have a hard time storing our vehicles.

A beautiful impression with green trees covers the atmosphere of the shop. Almost all corners are surrounded by ornamental plants. The micro-climate in this shop area is suitable for relaxing enjoying high-quality coffee from the coffee blending team, away from pollution and vehicle pollution.

That evening two chairs facing a rectangular table were placed on the terrace of the shop. There, a number of youths were enjoying their place sipping black coffee they found from a container shaped like a light bulb. After that, they then smoked. And so on. Coffee and cigarettes seem to be complementary to their kongkow.





The atmosphere is almost every night in this shop. Especially on a weekend night, the number of visitors to the environmentally friendly shop has almost doubled. Not only coffee they ordered, but also a variety of snacks.

Because the layout is divided into two, the visitors to the Pituin Coffee Shop are also divided into two. Visitors who like to smoke gather on the terrace of the shop. While those who are anti-cigarette smoke kongkow in the shop.

"We facilitate a place for customers who don't smoke so that they can have a comfortable coffee without smoking in the room," said the owner of the Pituin Coffee Shop, Dian Farid Hapidi, to me, Saturday, October 23, 2021.




Currently, he added, the habit of drinking coffee is not only dominated by men or men, but millennial youths also like to sit at the Pituin Coffee Shop while doing college assignments, gathering in the community, and even recitation of young people "migrating".

Dian explained that the Pituin Coffee Shop was started in 2017, after he was invited by his spiritual teacher to the Cimaung area, one of the best coffee producers in West Java. From there, Dian began to be inspired to re-knit friendship with farmers at the foot of Mount Malabar, precisely in Mekarjaya Village, Banjaran District, Bandung Regency.

It's called knitting friendship again, because in 2006, Dian and the farmers there had implemented a social program for reforestation of critical land using Arabica Coffee and Bamboo.

At the beginning, Dian focused on assisting farmers to grow coffee with good environmental principles. Not using too much chemical fertilizers, focusing on organic fertilizers from goat sheds owned by farmers, and implementing a crop intercropping system.



Because coffee bears fruit after 2-3 years of planting, and after that it will be harvested every year, then, said Dian, besides coffee, farmers also plant other intercropping crops, such as secondary crops, sweet potatoes, peanuts, corn, and others, as income. short term, while waiting for the coffee harvest.

After harvest, Pituin Coffee begins the process to produce greenbean coffee. Then, Dian sold the green beans to coffee shops and roasteries in various cities throughout Indonesia and abroad.

"Alhamdulillah, for the help and blessing of Allah, Greenbean Kopi Pituin has penetrated to South Korea and Malaysia, and is well received by coffee connoisseurs there, and has become a coffee best seller in several shops in Malaysia," he explained.

After the greenbean trading business went well, he continued, he started to open a coffee shop that was going well too, a blessing so far.

Dian emphasized that the quality of Pituin Coffee is very well maintained. The reason is, he understands the coffee process from upstream to downstream, starting from preserving the coffee farming area by maintaining environmental rules, choosing only red-picked coffee beans, a good post-harvest process, to the roasting process or roasting good coffee, in order to produce good coffee. good, healthy and halal.

Before becoming a coffee businessman, Dian worked as an employee of a private bank in Bandung. Then he agreed with his wife, Windisari Maulanie, to emigrate and start studying entrepreneurship in 2014.

The first line of business he pursued was trading, selling various kinds of products in the weekly spill market in the Bandung Regency Government area, starting with selling convection products such as robes, wallets, shoe racks, and other products.

But, he said, the product business qodarulloh hit a dead end. You see, the area where selling in the market spills over is brought under control, often changes locations, so that in the end the business is discontinued.

Now, Dian admits, there is no intention to replace the coffee business, instead she wants to continue to develop it. The reason is, this business has many benefits for many people, ranging from farmers, post-harvest processors, traders, shop owners and other coffee activists.


In fact, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pituin Coffee's turnover increased. "Alhamdulillah, for the help and blessing of Allah, our business continues to run smoothly, there is no reduction in employees," said Dian, who was supported by three of her employees.

Of course, in business, you must have a strategy. And the strategy that Dian launched was to put his trust in asking Allah for help for all the conditions that occurred. Of course, this is accompanied by efforts such as conducting various online promotion and sales efforts.

"We also sell packaged coffee at affordable prices, so that coffee connoisseurs can still drink coffee at home," he said.

Regarding turnover, Dian refused to mention the nominal. "Alhamdulillah, I can send my children to boarding schools," said the father of two with a smile.

Finally, Dian revealed, so that business intentions because of Allah are always maintained, the owner and team of Pituin Coffee employees regularly conduct religious studies by inviting ustadz.

"We take this activity to increase syar'i knowledge in order to keep muamalah from being trapped in usury transactions, and to achieve business blessings. Amen..." he hoped.



This is the address for Pituin Coffee Shop: Gang Masjid Al Abror 2, Jalan Bojongbuah Rt 02 RW 04 Desa Pangauban, Kecamatan Katapang, Kabupaten Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
Operating hours: open Tuesday - Sunday at 14.00, closed at 22.00, Monday closed.

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