Coffee and coffee shop moments: A posting contest - CONTEST NOW CLOSED

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Contest now officially closed

One hundred and fifty hive in prizes

Contest ends 1 October 2021 - World Coffee Day

In conjunction with the Cinnamon cup coffee community I'm running a posting contest around the theme of coffee, cafés and coffee shops. It's designed as a fun contest and to bring additional awareness to the community and generally get some buzz happening around the blockchain. The topic and guidelines are below so read on for how to enter and what prizes are on offer; you'll need to follow the guidelines.

150 hive prize pool

The prize pool is funded by @tarazkp, @galenkp @millycf1976 and @bluefinstudios, and Milly will be doing the judging with help from myself; Our decisions on the winners will be final of course, and the entry guidelines below will be adhered to in the judging process.

☕️ 110 hive - 50: 1st | 30: 2nd | 20: 3rd | 10: 4th place

☕️ 40 hive - Split between a few notable mentions

Post topic: Coffee and café moments

Post about things like below:

Your favourite coffee shop moment with a friend or family member
How coffee or coffee shops play a part in your daily routine
Favourite breakfast in bed, with coffee or tea, moment
Fictional or real-life coffee, café or coffee shop story
Post about coffee-making or cooking with coffee
Post about your favourite coffee shop or café

Basically post about coffee, cafés or coffee shops and don't worry if you don't like coffee, tea or hot chocolate posts are welcome. That's found in a coffee shop too after all. Get creative and have some fun with it - All are welcome.

Follow these guidelines strictly to be eligible for judging

Minimum of 200 words in English
Must be posted in Cinnamon cup coffee community - not cross-posted
✅ Tag your post #coffeecontest as your first tag please
✅ Original work only - no plagiarising text or images
✅ Contest runs from now to Friday 1 October 00:00 UTC (midnight UTC)

Read the guidelines to ensure your entry is eligible - Only posts meeting the above requirements will be eligible in the interest of being fair to all.

If you have any questions ask me below in the comments

The Cinnamon cup coffee community is a virtual coffee shop for the hive blockchain welcoming all coffee shop-related posting be it coffee or coffee-shop cake recipes, posts about coffee-related equipment, coffee-making tips, showcasing great cafés, coffee shops fairs or markets where coffee is found, coffee art and craft...Really just anything around the most excellent thing called coffee and coffee shops.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

Discord: galenkp#9209

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